Prospects of Rice Farming in Tingno updated

I was at Tingno, a village in Lamurde local government; I was able to capture this sight. This is a popular market in a village called Tingno under Lamurde Local Government where the residents are predominantly farmers and fishermen.
 Tingno Market
This area has long been known for rice farming and fishing. Every year it has always been harvest of rice in that area. Unfortunately, as efforts are being made by the government to encourage farmers and indeed Nigerians to diversify the economy in the area of agriculture, there has been little or no mention of this place: Each time I listen to news and places are mentioned where they farm rice, I don’t really hear of this very place. It is however interesting to note that, the people are not deterred as that has been their lifestyle (farming); they are not farming to impress anybody as that is their means of livelihood.
 Rice being piled up at Tingno Market
Long before I hear of Abakaliki and other places I always hear on the news, this place has been known with rice farming. Going to that market especially on the market day which every Thursday, what you would be greeted with are pyramids of rice. Trucks come from far and near, places like Kano, Jigawa etc coming to load the rice. Yet, in this revolution of agriculture sequel to recession, the place is never mentioned; whether it is deliberate or oversight, I do not know. But I have decided to take the pains to write as I contribute my own quota.
There are gains in recognizing this place and encouraging farmers as they continue with their franchise. I must however point out some challenges I noticed in the area. One major challenge with the place is the access road to the place. From Lafiya through Lamurde and down to Jen, the road is terrible! As such transporting this produce is always met with a lot of difficulty. If the government can take care of that road, a lot of activities will crop up there which will help revamp the economy. First, if there is access road, filling stations will be established in those areas going by a lot of traffic that ply that road. Secondly, people will build hotels and rest houses; this will mean employment to a lot of youths that also means more revenue, sales and services will thrive in the area booming the economy of the area which in turn will lessen over dependence on the government. So there is the need to do that road from Lafiya down to Jen which is the gateway between Adamawa and Taraba State. The second thing I would like to highlight is, there is the need to establish a standard rice milling Machine in the area. This also will provide employment and would increase productivity in the area not only that, the farmers will be motivated to do more. Suffice it to say that, if these two things are provided in the area, I believe aside providing food for other states, Adamawa State will have sufficient food.
 Rice being loaded at Tingno Market
Right now, from Numan axis through the area in question, one could see rice all over the place. This is something that should be encouraged in order to sustain the state and other places as well. I believe we must stop politicking when it comes to issues like these and face the facts. The picture above is a testimony of what I am saying. Those are only few trucks out of many that even has parking space waiting for their turn to load. You can just take a walk and go see for yourself. I therefore call on the authorities concerned to look into these issues seriously for the progress of the state and not only that, should there be any other place that a good thing like this is happening should be encouraged to do more. We need a lot of milling machines in those areas to enhance productivity and that will lead us on the path of industrialization. I believe if the authorities concerned take this seriously, there is going to be a serious revolution and that will boost food production in our State and in Nigeria as a whole. God bless Adamawa State, God bless Nigeria. We welcome your comments, and hope you will like and share and let it trend until it gets to the right people to act on it.

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